Who We Serve

The PPAF serves performance artists, musicians, theatre professionals, and technical production
staff. PPAF strives to support those who earn their living within the performing arts.
Performance Artists are an integral of our community. These artists rely heavily on the already
unpredictable ‘seasonal tourism’ for their income. Within the season they depend not only on
tourism, but entertainment venues, bars, and most importantly social engagement in order to
It became apparent, especially during the Covid-19 crisis, that many of our local and treasured
artists would suffer a staggering loss of income based on necessary social distancing guidelines.
The PPAF was created to support these individuals whose contributions make up the fabric of
our community.


We will support artists in the following ways:
The fund will provide up to $500 per applicant to support full or part time professional
performance artists who have lost income used to sustain their creative practice due to the

Covid-19 crisis.

• Some Examples of what qualify as an urgent need
• Food
• Rent
• Transportation
• Ferry Tickets
• Bus Tickets
• Utilities
• Necessary Performance Equipment
• Tools necessary to allow the artists to work
• i.e. Instrument and Equipment Repair/Maintenance